Since 1997, Basalt Education Foundation has given more than $900,000 to the local elementary, middle and high schools and graduating Basalt High School seniors. Our Granting Committee funds teachers and administrators for specific programming in their schools through our grant application and approval process.  Funding Highlights of these programs are listed below.

Please go to the Scholarship Page for more information on the BHS senior scholarship process.


2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR

Our gross earnings for 2018 exceeded $194,000. This marks another record year for BEF fundraising!  Together with our donors, sponsors and community supporters we raised these funds through our annual Taste of Basalt, our Annual Fund, and numerous private donations. These dollars allow BEF to make major contributions in 2019 to students, teachers, and administrators of the three Basalt schools:

$26,723 in Administrator Grants fund Professional Development needs (Dual Language Education, STEM Programming, Open Library and Culture Coaching), Spanish language classroom materials, Environmental Education (field trips and ACES programming), and Library books written in Spanish to support the Dual Language Program.

$10,550 Granted to seven teachers to support:
– 4th grade Watershed program
– 3rd grade Stream Trailer
– Science in our Schools
– Count Me in Math Camp
– Snowshoes for Outdoor Education
– Library Books
– Mary Holloran Scholarship for Music Programming

$22,773 in Administrator Grants fund Intervention Projects (Math ALEKS student subscriptions, Literacy materials to increase student motivation, and teacher collaboration and analysis supports) and Enrichment Projects (materials, supplies and equipment to support additional Enrichment Classrooms).

$14,500 Shared by eleven teachers in support of:
– Love and Logic Program
– STEAM workshops
– Science hands-on materials & training
– 5th, 7th & 8th grade Outdoor Education
– Outdoor Leadership
– Learning Through Spelling & Writing
– Student & Teacher requested Library titles
– Band instruments for students in need
– Music Educators Association Conference

$24,400 in Administrator Grants fund Professional Development (AP Summer Seminars, In-house Professional Learning Communities, STEM and ESL teacher training) and Freshman Outdoor Orientation and Experiential Education.

$12,450 Allocated to ten different projects in support of:
– BHS Book Club
– School Musical
– AP Bio/Biotech for all students
– Experiential Education in Science
– Outdoor Leadership
– World Affairs Conference
– ArtBase Collaboration with BHS
– Solar Rollers program
– Film as Lit field trips


Another record year for BEF fundraising! Together with our donors, sponsors and community supporters we raised more than $150,000 to support our schools. These funds allowed BEF to make major contributions to the students, teachers, and administrators of the three Basalt schools:

$23,000 provided in Administrative Grants for Flexible Learning classrooms, new Library media and books, and continued Professional Development in Dual Language and Library Innovations.

$11,390 granted to seven teachers to support:
– BES Science Program
– 3rd and 4th grade Watershed & River Conservancy programs
– BES Library
– Brain Pop
– 3rd grade March Madness Reading Challenge

$23,000 provided in Administrative Grants for Dedicated Spanish Learning, Positive School Climate Programming, Flexible Learning classrooms, Teacher training in Differentiated Instruction and Outdoor Education programs, and Project Based Learning technology.

$14,792 shared by eight teachers in support of:
– 5th grade Science school trip
– 7th grade Outdoor Ed trip
– Lego League
– New Movement Space
– Digital Storytelling
– Books for the BMS Library

$23,000 provided in Administrative Grants for continued Professional Development in ‘AP for All’, STEM and ESL, and the Freshman Experiential Education/Student Enrichment Program.

$10,100 allocated to eight different projects in support of:
– Solar Rollers Engineering Project
– World Affairs Competition
– ‘Film as Lit’ field trip
– Art & Culture collaboration with the Art Base
– ‘Seussical’ the Musical
– Sophomore Crew Denver Project
– Biology Instruction
– Wrestling Team

$13,000 supported projects at multiple schools including:
– Instruments and Professional Development for BMS & BHS Music programs
– Outdoor Leadership collaboration with the Buddy Program.

This year we are pleased to announce BEF’s additional support of the Climbing Wall construction at Basalt High School. Students, Administrators and Community members worked diligently over the last year securing grants, donations and raising funds to implement this new community-shared athletic center. BEF provided the final $5,000 needed to implement the Climbing Wall in the coming school year.

$7,500 provided an SAT Preparation Class at BHS and Math Support for BMS students in preparation for high school coursework.

Basalt High School graduates received $20,000 to support their plans for college or other career preparation opportunities—an increase of 33% over last year. Congratulations to all Basalt High School Graduates!


In 2017 we distributed and earmarked more than $100,000 for impactful programming in the public schools, including support for these programs:

Basalt Elementary School

$21,000 New Dual Language Programming and Support
$2,800 BrainPop online education resources
$2,500 Books and media for library
$2,500 4th grade Roaring Fork Conservancy watershed education
$2,000 Science in the Schools
$1,900 Osmo interactive learning centers

Basalt Middle School

$7,500 Green screen production studio
$5,000 LEGO Robotics materials
$4,400 Science supplies for new district curriculum
$3,000 Multi-media space for audio-visual production
$2,500 Brainology growth-mindset subscription for 5th grade
$1,800 BrainPop online education resources
$1,500 Outdoor science education
$1,000 8th grade science supplies
$1,000 Book club
$1,000 Library books
$750 School garden

Basalt High School

$14,000 Advanced Placement teacher training & support
$7,100 Freshmen Orientation
$7,000 College & Career readiness programming
$2,500 STEM implementation and professional development
$2,500 World Affairs Challenge
$2,500 Student musical
$2,000 Solar Rollers competition


We were delighted to once again top the amount of annual money given to the three public schools. In 2016, that totaled more than $115,000. Here are the highlights:

Basalt Elementary School

$24,000: Brand-new Makerspace (administrator grant)
$2,800: BrainPop online educational resources
$2,000: Library books
$2,000: 4th grade Roaring Fork Conservancy Watershed Education
$2,000: Mr. G, “The Science Guy”
$2,000: Junior Achievement
$600: 4th grade book club

Basalt Middle School

$23,000: Parkour ropes equipment for outdoor play and use by Crew classes (administrator grant)
$4,000: STEAM equipment and teacher training
$2,800: Library Badge Program and book funding
$2,000: Greenhouse and garden
$1,800: 8th grade science equipment
$1,000: 7th grade outdoor education
$600: Technology integration professional development
$500: Student mural art project

Basalt High School

$19,000: Professional development, including teacher training for Advanced Placement, foreign language and English Language Development curricula (administrator grant)
$5,000: Experiential education (administrator grant)
$5,000 Spring musical
$2,500: World Affairs Competition in Denver
$2,000: Choir accompanist
$1,500: Solar Rollers engineering project
$700: Colorado Teen Literature Conference in Denver
$500: Outdoor Leadership Program

In addition to the above initiatives, Basalt Education Foundation earmarked nearly $8,000 for college and career readiness programming. Those funds will go toward supporting K-12 professional development to bolster writing instruction at all three schools, as well as outside guest instructors for the BHS Discovery Class, which focuses on college and career guidance, as well as standardized-test preparation for college applications.


In the spring of 2015 (administrator grant requests) and late fall 2014 (teacher grant requests), we gave more than $90,000 to the three public schools, which included these initiatives:

Basalt Elementary School

$10,000: Classroom iPads
$3,650: Library Books & 4th-grade Book Club
$2,640: BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr. Online Educational Resources
$2,350: Beginning Reader Curriculum Support
$2,200: Roaring Fork Conservancy Watershed Education
$2,000: Mr. G, “The Science Guy”

Basalt Middle School

$10,500: Classroom iPads
$5,000: STEAM programming and MakerSpace materials
$2,500: Student Theater Production
$2,500: 6th grade Audio-Visual Technology for Learning
$2,400: Chromebooks for Resource Classes
$1,500: 7th Grade Mesa Verde Outdoor Education
$1,300: Sphero/Ollie Robotics

Basalt High School

$9,000: Staff Professional Development
$8,000: College Counseling Department
$3,000: Chromebooks for Art & P.E. Classes
$2,500: STEM Hydroelectric Project
$2,155: World Affairs Competition
$1,500: Chromebooks for Special Education
$1,000: Solar Rollers Racing Team
$1,000: (co)studio Greenhouse Design & Build

Also, three BEF-funded initiatives benefit more than one school: BES/BMS/BHS: Speech Language Support ($500); BMS/BHS Wrestling Club ($1,000); BES/BMS Junior Achievement ($1,600).


Giving included grants fulfilled in the late fall of 2013 (teacher grant requests) and the spring of 2014 (school administrator grant requests). From funds raised at the November 2013 Taste of Basalt, we gave more than $70,000 to the local schools, which included these initiatives:

Basalt Elementary School

$9,300: 20 iPads for student use
$5,000: ACES Environmental Education
$2,000: Mr. G “The Science Guy”
$1,700: English Language Learner Tablets
$1,000: Library Books

Basalt Middle School

$10,000: Interactive Science Materials & Garden Set-Up
$4,000: 5th & 6th Grade Band
$3,000: Science & Social Studies Library Materials
$2,000: 6th Grade Science Lab Supplies
$1,500: 7th Grade Mesa Verde Outdoor Education

Basalt High School

$9,000: College Counseling, Enrichment Wednesday Tutoring, ACT Prep Class
$4,000: Model U.N. World Affairs Competition
$3,900: Staff Professional Development
$3,600: Graphing Calculators
$1,800: English Language Learner Computers
$1,500: Spring Student Musical

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