A group of committed, enthusiastic parents of children in Basalt schools initiated the very first Taste of Basalt fundraiser in 1996. By 2004 the grassroots group applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status and became known as Basalt Kids, Inc. In 2011, the group renamed itself Basalt Education Foundation to better represent its mission of raising funds to enhance education in the Basalt public schools.

BEF further expanded into a 16-member board format in late 2013; today we have 20 board members.

BEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Tax ID #20-1638963.



Listed below are the devoted volunteers that gave so much of their time with the unified goal of enhancing Basalt Schools’ educational programs. Basalt Education Foundation could not achieve its current goals today without the strong foundation laid by these individuals. Thank you to the following:


The original Taste of Basalt founding members –
Deb Morrison
Martha O’Keefe
Christy Pope


Basalt Kids founding members –

Beth Barnes
Deedee Greene
Judi Simecek
Sarah Sterling


Basalt Education Foundation (BEF) founding members –

Christine Bostick
Corin Brucker (Taste of Basalt committee chair)
Tara Haas
Linda Hoffman
Gaye Lacroix
Rebecca Leibinger
Durelle Montgomery
Kris Sinko
Tori Thompson
Aimee Yllanes

2013 – 2019

Basalt Education Foundation (BEF) re-structured and expanded. Board Members from this time thru March 2019 are listed below along with their key contributions:

Dave Borchers | Granting committee; served 5 years
David Briscoe | Treasurer for 4 years
Tara Haas | founding member, Assistant Treasurer; served 8 years
Leanne Hodgson | Granting committee; Taste of Basalt committee Chair since 2012; served on Board 12 years
Stephen Holley | Marketing Chair during re-branding, Taste of Basalt committee and Golf Tournament Chair
Bart Johnson | Granting Chair for 6 years
Diana Lane | Marketing committee and Taste of Basalt committee
Denise Latousek | Taste of Basalt committee
Erika Leavitt | BEF President for 6 of 8 years of board membership
Erin O’Keefe | Fundraising Committee for 3 years; re-joined board in 2019 as Treasurer
Lucas Peck | Granting Committee
Steve Rittvo | Fundraising committee and continues to support BEF’s scholarship endeavors
Kellie Smith | Taste of Basalt committee and Scholarship committee
Tori Thompson | (founding member), Fundraising committee, acknowledged by the Town of Basalt for her citizenship: http://www.basaltedu.org/town-of-basalt-honors-longtime-bef-board-member/

Kara Williams | Marketing committee and Chair, Taste of Basalt committee
Aimee Yllanes | (founding member), Marketing committee and Taste of Basalt committee

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